Q4 2021

▪LFG Smart contract audit


▪Dex listing

▪Airdrop Campaign

▪Ramp-up marketing campaign

▪Partnerships announcement

▪Festive Airdrop

▪Staking Launch

Q1 2022

▪Conceptualize Gamerse wallet ▪Mainstream marketing campaign ▪Polygon and Solana Token bridge

▪CEX Listing ▪Fiat on-ramp for LFG Token

▪Aggregator Marketplace Launch ▪APAC Press Tour

Q2 2022

▪ Ramp-up PR

▪ MVP Airdrop

▪Gamerse MVP Launch

▪ Avatar branding partnerships

▪Launch iOS and Mobile Apps

▪ Further CEX listing ▪ Avatar Ecosystem Launch

▪GamerPad (Decentralised IGO)

Q3 2022

▪ Gamerse Merchandise Drop

▪ Launch Gamerse social wallet

▪ Gaming studio

Q4 2022

▪ Metaverse (GAMΞVΞRSΞ) TBA!

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