MyGamerse: Home, Wallet And NFT Vault

MyGamerse is the home profile for every user, where they set up their profile, interests, display their NFTs, add their social links, and enable tip-jars for extra income.
The list of benefits of the MyGamerse profile are as follows:
1.) Displaying NFT collection - What’s the point of owning the most valuable NFT, if you cannot display it to the world? 2.) Direct messaging to interact with friends and to socially trade on the platform. 3.) Tip-Jar - This allows collectors to earn passive income from their NFT collections. 4.) Select interests via tags which allows users to discover profiles through the discover category for collectors (Gamers). 5.) Boost your social reach by users following you on other social media platforms. 6.) Vault - this allows for your NFT assets to be stored in encrypted storage and will be accessible via passcode and 2FA. 7.) Avatar collection - Specifically display your avatar collection for profile pictures and for use in other Metaverses.