Dedicated $LFG Token

Gamerse Native Token
$LFG is a BEP-20 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The $LFG native token will be multi-chain on BSC, Polygon, Solana, Phantom, and beyond to support cross-chain platform capabilities.
List of Utilities
Platform discounts - 50% discount on platform fees when $LFG is used as the base currency Staking & Rewards - We offer high APY staking and LP pools to our community and platform rewards for each transaction NFT Promotion - Promote your NFTs using $LFG tokens to receive more impressions Social Utility - To empower creators and boost community engagement, $LFG tokens will follow a share-to-earn model Governance Token Governance - $LFG is the dedicated governance token for the Gamerse social DAO Token Burn Program - 50% of transaction fees paid in $LFG will be burnt, increasing token scarcity over time. Also, the Gamerse Fire NFT will contain a built-in burn function of 5% increasing NFT value over time.
List of Acronyms for LFG
#Looking for Gamers #Looking for Groups #Let’s Flippin Go #Let’s Flippin Game #Looking for Guilds #Looking for Games

Single-Asset-Staking (SAS)

Staking $LFG tokens in our SAS pool allows participants to earn passive income in the form of $LFG tokens. SAS pool boosts a reward pool program of 8,000,000 $LFG tokens with a variable APY. The majority of crypto staking programs are copy and pasted and linear however at Gamerse we like to innovate and here’s how we’ve made an “art” out of Staking;
$LFG Single-asset staking details
  • 8M $LFG Reward Pool!
  • No minimum stake requirement
  • Variable APY Gamerse Avatar NFT airdrop (10,000 minimum $LFG). These avatar NFTs can serve as your profile in the Gamerse ecosystem.
  • Burn function (Penalty + Fire NFTs)
  • Max stake: 500,000 LFG (anti-whale)
  • Early withdrawal with a 30-day penalty.
  • $LFG withdrawn before 30 days of staking will result in a 50% burn of accumulated rewards. Tokens are sent to a custody wallet and burnt every Wednesday (Wednesday = Burnday).
  • No lock-up for staking
Gamerse Fire NFT
Introducing Gamerse Fire NFTs; our innovative Avatars which will serve as your profile on the Gamerse ecosystem. Gamerse Fire NFTs have a built-in burn function whereby 5% of it’s value in $LFG will be burned upon every sale. This revolutionizing feature creates scarcity and adds deflationary pressure increasing the value of the NFT upon every sale in the secondary market.
To Stake your $LFG visit:
Refer to Tokenomics for more information on LFG Token -