Share-to-earn (S2E)

Share-to-earn model explained What is share-to-earn? Share-to-earn is a new Social-Fi ecosystem for share-to-earn rewards model which has been innovated by Gamerse. Our pioneering S2E model has been designed for the NFT gaming ecosystem (Play-to-earn) to incentivize NFT Gaming publishers to share exclusive content within their dedicated communities. The more exclusive content such as NFT drops, new in-game assets (skins), Avatars and beyond that our official LFG (looking for group) admins share, the more engagement from their communities.
How does share-to-earn work?
Share-to-earn works by staking LFG tokens on official (verified) looking for groups on our platform. Our official partners such as NFT Games (P2E) and Gaming influencers will set a pre-determined minimum amount for example $100 worth of LFG tokens to enter the group. Users will then have to stake the minimum amount to enter in $LFG tokens. This official LFG creates an exclusive community group that is being managed by the Gaming publisher's official admins as a looking for group pool. Staking APY on official LFGs is determined in two ways; 1.) End user: Interactions received on shared content will result in APY for example if you shared a NFT drop on your social media channel and it receives 1,000 impressions that will result in yield. 2.) Admin: The APY is calculated by time users spend in the group, activity (messaging), and engagement. Upon entry to the LFG (looking for group) users will be welcomed with a personalised NFT badge (membership) which will be used to collect rewards and in-game assets from your official LFG.
Rules for S2E: Platform rules: - Minimum 90 day S2E pool - Early withdrawal fee to be burned - Variable APY dependant on participation - NFT Membership (tradable in Swipe Swap) - Minimum $LFG stake amount
Anti bot prevention To counteract bots exploiting the interactions mechanism we have implemented several measure in our architecture - Interactions counted only from different IP addresses - reCAPTCHA to prevent bots
Note: This system has been designed carefully and robust and is fundamentally structured for long term benefits. The fact the user has to stake tokens and approve the contract ensures that the user is genuine and the rewards are distributed by adding liquidity to reduce inflation. Official (verified) group owners can pre-set parameters and add flexibility to their S2E pools upon creating their verified groups. Share-to-earn model has been carefully designed to create a Social-Fi web3 social platform for the P2E ecosystem which has been exponentially growing due to its ability to allow gamers to play and earn. We have leveraged our community-driven social platform where Gaming publishers and influencers are rewarded for their reach and community building. Share-to-earn is both beneficial for NFT Games/Influencers and both the community members as it creates a new social engagement dynamic, that will create new and exclusive driven content. Gamers will also be able to earn rewards, as the share-to-earn model includes the Gamerse NFT badge which allows them to collect rewards, points, in-game assets, skins, and trade their membership to enter a new group. Our verified partners will need to keep the community engaged by releasing exclusive content such as NFT drops, rare avatars, in-game assets, and more. How to participate in share-to-earn? Gamerse partners will need to apply for our share-to-earn program here To review our proposal and to better understand what our verified partners will benefit from, you can review our partnership proposal here All applicants will be reviewed by our internal team and we will contact you to discuss a tailored model to fit your communities needs!