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Decentralised launchpad
Gamerse is the unifying hub for all NFT games and Metaverses, boosting a community-driven social economy. Leveraging this unifying social network for the NFT Gaming ecosystem, we have plans to create our own launchpad to incubate IGOs/INOs. As we focus on the community-driven aspect as our core model, we have created a model to empower our DAO. This is called Decentralized initial game offerings (IGO) and Initial NFT offerings (INO) AKA GamerPad.
Our Dentralised Launchpad can be broken down into 3 sections:
  1. 1.
    Governance Staking
LFG is a governance token by utility and will allow participation in our DAO by staking tokens in our three tiers: the Moon, Mars, and Venus pools. By staking in our respective pools, our DAO will be exposed to extra platform incentives, IGO/INO allocations being one of them. For example, by staking in Moon Pool the DAO member will be allocated a larger allocation ticket for the IGO on GamerPad.
2. Incubation program
As part of our incubation program with our GamerPad, we will be promoting upcoming IGO projects on our platform, cross-promotion on our socials/community, Offer Grants, and more. These decisions will be voted by our DAO via voting polls. This way we keep our launches fair and decentralized and create organic traction for the projects we launch.
3.) Owner Economy
Gamerse Studio IGO/INO will also be hosted on GamerPad and these games will be supported solely by our DAOs. This creates a fair economy, and the success of projects is shared by the investors. Following our share-to-earn model, these IGOs/INOs will have a head start with the support of a dedicated decentralized community. The IGOs/INOs will not be limited to their verified looking for groups on our platform however the share-to-earn model, will mean that they will be shared across a wide range of social media platforms giving them organic marketing exposure.