Social DAO

Platform Self Governance
Gamerse at its core is a community-driven social platform for Gamers, NFT, and Metaverse enthusiasts. The biggest revolution in the crypto space is decentralization, which essentially means that there’s no control by a government, central bank or any other entity. This leads to one of the most prominent utilities of $LFG; its governance utility within the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Before we dive into how this DAO works, with Gamerse everything is social so we have created a social DAO model which adds a higher level of autonomy.
How does Gamerse Social DAO work?
1.) In order to enter the DAO you will have to stake tokens in one of our three pools, Moon, Mars, or Venus. The amount of tokens has yet to be announced, however there will be minimum staking requirements for each pool with Moon being the highest and leading to more incentives.
2.) Our social DAO means that not only the platform decides what our governance holders vote on but the DAO suggests topics for polling. This creates a fair and even more decentralized layer as the DAO decides what decisions are voted upon.
3.) Our DAO will decide on which IGOs/INOs to invest in using the DAO pools staked treasury. Ticket sizes for investment will depend on which tier you are participating in.
4.) Social DAO will have social engagement features such as like, comment and share. These social features will decide which decision is put forth to the community to vote upon and for each successful poll, the nominee will be rewarded with a verified Gamerse checkmark and a rare NFT.
Holders of the $LFG token will have voting rights in some of the governance decisions on the platform, similar to other blockchain DAOs. Participants can make governance proposals for improvements on the platform itself, marketing of the platform, etc. and if enough of the $LFG token-holders support the proposal, funds will be allocated for the proposal.