Avatar Ecosystem

Intro to the GAMΞVΞRSΞ
Gamerse will be creating a dedicated avatar ecosystem which will be the cross-verse solution of the metaverse space. The first thing that people think about when they hear Metaverse is Avatars and Gamerse is paving the way for the future of the Metaverse economy. Our Avatar ecosystem will create a platform for users to take their Avatar creations to the Gamerse universe via our Avatar store, Service station, and teleportation. Let’s take a deeper dive into the birth of Gameverse;
Avatar creation - On the launch of our beta app, users will be able to create their own 3D avatars. We have plans to integrate face recognition so that users can take their selfies and transform this into their self-portraying 3D avatars.
Gameverse store - This will be a store for skins and avatar accessories to be traded in our ecosystem. Users will be able to create their own accessories and sell them in the secondary market. Following our branding partnerships, we will host premium accessories from your favorite retail brands.
Service station - Gameverse service station will feature a variety of services offered by other traders/creators in domains such as stylists, AI blender machines, Jewelers, and much more. This service feature is particularly useful for newbies or users who want to take their avatar to the next level by leveraging experts
The list of features are as follows:
  • Trade Skins & Accessories
  • Create Avatars
  • Import Avatars
  • Customize Avatars
  • Buy branded accessories
NFT Avatar unlocks
Gamerse social DAO staking program includes an incentive whereby Gamerse NFT avatars are unlocked based on pool vesting. The vesting will have a 3-month cliff and then quarterly unlocks for rare NFT accessories. This will differentiate the DAO community on the Gamerse platform. This will be an extension to the verified Gamerse checkmark.
Let the GAMΞVΞRSΞ begin!