The LFG (“Looking For Groups”) platform for the entire NFT gaming industry.

The monumental rise of Axie Infinity in 2021 has ushered in a new era of gaming in the form of blockchain integrated games. The average gamer can now monetize their playing time and the value they bring to a game via in-game rewards and collectibles in the form of NFTs or financially through cryptocurrencies. As these NFT-based games continue to grow in popularity, the value of NFT in-game assets will also continue to increase, incentivizing active engagement with the game in exchange for more attractive rewards. With the unique synergy that the play-to-earn model offers for both game developers and gamers, the explosive success of NFT games including My DeFi Pet, Crypto Blades, Alien Worlds and many more should come as no surprise. Even giants in the gaming industry such as Sega have expressed interest in the incorporation of NFTs in upcoming titles, and with Ubisoft already integrating NFTs in one of its top sellers, Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Rapid innovation which sees gaming developers rushing to dive into the metaverse indicates that the NFT gaming space is poised for a monumental year in 2022.

Like any explosion the aftermath of the NFT gaming boom of 2021 has left a chaotic and fragmented gaming space. While the over-saturation of play to earn titles can leave gamers and potential investors overwhelmed. Gaming at its essence is a social experience, the fond memories those of us who grew up gaming share can attest to that. Our mission at Gamerse is to provide a single unifying social ecosystem for the fragmented NFT gaming industry. For the first time NFT gaming enthusiasts will have a space to meet, socialise, trade and grow together.

At Gamerse’s core we are the LFG “Looking For Groups” platform for the entire NFT gaming ecosystem. Our gaming partners such Cryptoblades, Binamon and SolChicksNFT will enjoy an official and verified “looking for groups” gaming page on our platform. Gamers will be able to join these groups to trade, socialise and connect with other gamers. Social interactions in these groups will be fuelled by our pioneering Share-To-Earn model which will benefit creators, gamers and influencers alike. This immersive social ecosystem incorporates a user friendly interface, Live Feeds, Direct Messaging and NFT Drop Watchlists. Gamerse’s cross-chain compatibility will allow users to shop and trade NFTs from all they’re favourite NFT gaming marketplaces in a single Social Aggregator Marketplace. Gamerse’s vision to unite the gaming industry is not limited to NFT games where “traditional” gamers will also have a home in our social ecosystem in the form of Gaming Guilds. Gamerse will be around for gamers of all shades and hues, no matter which title holds the #1 spot.

As the saying goes “all roads lead to Rome”, in this new age of rapid innovation all roads lead to the metaverse and Gamerse is steadfast in its journey to the Gameverse.

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