Social Media

One of Gamerse's core features is it's stunning social media platform. The NFT hype is taking over the world and tons of platforms are regularly being built based on it. But still, there isn't yet a proper social media existing centered on Gaming NFT's. Most of the platforms offer a flat kind of trading platform that is mostly about buying and selling. They have missed out on a key point which is the opportunity for users to socialize and interact among themselves according to their interests. Gamerse creates a fun, exciting way for people to have social interactions around the NFTs they love. We have a very easy-to-use UI and amazing UX. Gamerse’s social media features include Groups, Live Feed, Direct Messaging, NFT self-promotion, User Posting, NFT drop watchlist, New purchases, and much more. Every participant has a personalized Discover feed that allows them to find the NFTs and people that are most relevant to their interests. The social aspects make the marketplace vibrant and alive—a place where people will want to hang out. It will enable users to post, add hashtags around their NFTs, and engage with their followers. "Direct message" feature will be incorporated on the platform as an option for platform users to communicate directly with one another. In addition, Users will also be able to share their NFTs on other prominent social-media sites. Gamerse is designed to increase the joy of participating in the NFT market and trading with friends. All in all, Gamerse aims to act as an ideal social media platform evolving out, instead of acting and maintaining just a transactional relationship with the users, Gamerse will let a user enter a world of discovery and interaction.
Why is a social network crucial in this market? Social media can significantly impact businesses that rely on growth through collaboration such as NFT gaming. However, social media is more than just a platform for influencer marketing. It also allows brands to frictionlessly collaborate and expand their audiences by simply sharing a post. Social media unites industries and turns marketplaces into ever-expanding communities with much higher monetization potential.