Gamerse Steam

Gamerse is going “Full Steam ahead” and is not limited to NFT games and Metaverse economy as our core focus is on Gaming which includes traditional games. Furthermore, our LFG is also not limited to groups as we are also creating a platform for Gaming Guilds. We call this next plug-in, Looking for Guilds (LFG) whereby we will attract popular video games from different consoles into our social ecosystem. Similar solutions have recently announced the removal of NFT games, and this is where Gamerse steps in with our fully NFT gaming encompassed platform.
LFG is popularly used as “Let’s Flippin Game” by our community members and to hone in on this acronym we will create a “Steam”-like solution where web3 games can directly plug-in their games for users to “Launch” within their game pages. This allows gamers to directly play and try out games in an open environment. This reiterates Gamerse’s favorite one-liner: GAMΞRSΞ is the LFG (“Looking For Guilds”) platform for the entire gaming industry, and we will be around for gamers of all shades and hues, no matter which title holds the #1 spot