Gamerse Social Wallet
Plug and Play Wallet
The primary goal of Gamerse is to solve the fragmentation problem in the NFT gaming ecosystem. The Gamerse Social Wallet will help solve interoperability issues across metaverses with our plug-and-play social wallet. This specialized crypto wallet will be compatible with each separate metaverse in the Game-Fi ecosystem as well as our own unified social platform. The social utilities and centralization of each gamer’s identity and resources will help bring all NFT games under the Gamerse umbrella, even indirectly. The Gamerse Social Wallet will be released in versions to make sure that the features integrate seamlessly and without issue.
The user-friendly features include:
1.) NFT Wallet and Vault 2.) MyGamerse profile 3.) In-wallet chat feature, bringing a social layer to games that might not have one 4.) Voice and video chat, providing a more interactive and social gaming experience 5.) Bring your Gamerse friends and followers to every game you play 6.) Screen record and share your in-game streams with your Gamerse friends and followers 7.) Share-to-Earn (S2E) model built-in as you stream and earn rewards for S2E 8.) Lend Virtual Land (Scholarships) 9.) Send cryptocurrencies to users who do not yet have digital wallets via web2 socials/email messages. 10.) Fiat on-ramp and off-ramp capabilities More details on Gamerse social wallet will be announced in future press releases!
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